In a local press interview on Tuesday, Clint Black readily says, “I include a couple of songs 'solo,' just me, my guitar and harmonicas.”

In a local press interview on Tuesday, Clint Black readily says, “I include a couple of songs ‘solo,’ just me, my guitar and harmonicas.”
And when discussing his musical influences, the classic Country names are reeled off.  “Haggard, Willie, Waylon,” Black says, but then he adds several other familiar and old-school names of the singer/songwriter genre.
“James Taylor, Buffet, Croce, Seger, Loggins and Messina, Henley and Frey, Lennon and McCartney and on and on,” he says.
And, it doesn’t stop there. In his traveling band, Black mentions, “I’m traveling with a five-piece band: drums, bass guitar, keyboards, lead guitarist, and one guy who plays, guitar, fiddle, dobro and lap steel.”
Fiddles and dobro guitars are about as old school as Country music gets, dating back to its heritage, but Black adds the material and show are as fresh as ever.
“The show is pretty dynamic with electric guitars and solid rhythms. We do a lot of hits, a couple of album cuts and a few songs from the new CD. The reaction to new material has been very good, so we’ve kept them in the show. Since the release of On Purpose, we’ve rotated the selections and kept it changing over the last two tours,” Black said.
On Purpose is Black’s latest and greatest, but marks his first complete CD in a decade. His current tour has been widely hailed as a comeback, but Black has actually continued to stay active in touring and song-writing for most of the past decade.
“I think the ‘comeback’ impression is because On Purpose is the first CD in ten years. Otherwise, I’ve remained very active on tour every year and writing songs for film and television along with acting in films,” he said.
“I believe the songs are the reason for the longevity I enjoy in my career. I haven’t been with a major record company since about 2001. All the hits back then gave me a connection with the Country audience that has sustained my career through the years of not releasing new music,” Black said.
Riding the wave of classic hits, Black is not unlike many of the influences he named earlier. James Taylor, Jimmy Buffet, Bob Seger, and Don Henley and Glenn Frey of the Eagles have all enjoyed successful tours over the past few years, and many times outperforming many current acts of today.
“Also, I’ve stayed connected through the social pages online. I think all that coupled with staying true to my music has helped to keep me in a good light and not give fans a reason to dump me from their list,” Black said.
On Purpose also contains Black’s third duet with his wife, Lisa Hartman, who has otherwise been busy being a teenager’s mom.
“Lisa hasn’t been traveling with me much since our daughter was born. Lily is 16 now and Lisa is very busy keeping up with the challenges of managing a teenager. It won’t be long before we’re ‘empty-nesters’ and I’ll start bugging Lisa to get on the bus,” he said.
The Hope stop on the tour happens as Black performs the following night in suburban Tulsa, but Black added “We love playing intimate theaters, so we’re excited to be coming to Hope. The venue is what really shapes the show. As David Crosby put it, we can work in ‘finer brush strokes.’ Audiences are largely the same everywhere we go, and so are we!”